Salus d.o.o.

SALUS is a Slovenian machine-building compae steel industry has over 400 years of tradition. Theny located in Ravne, where th company designs and produces only on onorder, custom-designed special purpose machines and equipment for the mining and steel industry.Salus turnkey solutions often represent one step forward regarding technology and are tailored to the specific requirements of the client and developed for maximum effectiveness.

Mining equipment:

-Customised gear boxes suitable for use in methane pits: Gear box 700 kW Ex IM2…
-Winches for shaft construction and the mounting winches: Winch 90 kN with driving speed 1 m/s…
-Mixers for mortar, agitators, silt loaders for loading of cave silt and other equipment intended for use in mines
-Machines and presses used to straighten, bend and correct specific workpieces (arches, sections etc.)
-Equipment for safe work in mines: Titanium tongs for safe renovation or demolition of arch support units

Parts and components for heavy machinery
Machines and equipment for thermal treatment and the steel industry:

-Induction hardening machines for induction hardening of large rolls (dual frequency induction hardening machine), induction hardening machines for roll necks, raceways, gear teeth…
-Cryogenic freezers
-Automated customised quench hardening stations and quench tanks

Ob Mezi 11, 2392 Mezica, Slovenia
SI 89199367
+386 51 350 230

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