September 5, 2024

Part I

Introduction to the topics of the Conference with the participation of the Guests of Honor.

The metropolis is vibrant, diverse, active and full of energy – all traits typical of women. Managing a big city requires a lot of skill and determination – qualities typical of women. Women have a lot to offer in this context and are capable of creating metropolises that are friendly, open and innovative. Talk to women who successfully manage large cities doing it with passion and commitment.

Economy – rules our lives and determines our daily existence. It affects wages, prices, investments, development opportunities and satisfaction of needs. It is an ever-changing mechanism that needs to be closely controlled and monitored by professionals and decision-makers. A panel on the role of women in business realities. Their influence on shaping and developing the economy. Expert talks on the latest trends and technologies in today’s world.

Inspiring conversations with women who have achieved success in industries commonly considered masculine and have taken up positions on the boards of companies and institutions, including mining, construction, banking and finance, at technical universities, and in the trade or sports media. The speakers will share strategies that can help women to reach high positions and strengthen their position in the industry.

A debate combined with a workshop. Participants will share their experiences and show how to maintain a balance between professional responsibilities and time for oneself and loved ones, so that success is not paid for by a series of sacrifices, but results from making the right choices. Thanks to participation in the workshop with trainer, psychotherapist and fascination of female potential – Renata Rostkowska – we will answer the question: am I aware of my beliefs? and we will learn how to manage hidden strategies that inhibit efficiency and motivation.

Meeting with Ms. Joanna Lipnicka – coach, businesswoman, psychologist, psychotherapist and mother and wife. A discussion on the topic: How to put yourself first?

Meeting with Maria Rotkiel – psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in working with women. A conversation about depression, self-attention and the importance of psychotherapy.

Presentation by Professor Krzysztof Nowosielski, MD, an expert in gynecologic oncology.

Part IV

19:00 Artistic performance - concert of the Tenors of the New Generation - TRE VOCI band