September 5, 2024

Part I

Introduction to the topics of the Conference with the participation of Guests of Honor, moderated conversation with Minister Marzena Czarnecka and Mayor of Katowice Marcin Krupa.

A debate that will put forward bold theses of the perception of the role of women
in the modern world. Representatives of the younger generation – students of the best high schools in Silesia – will engage in a discussion of controversial claims about women.

Part II

Meeting with women leaders in business and politics.
Discussion on the evolution of women’s identity and role after 1989 in Poland.
A discussion of the role of women in business. Key trends (catalysts for change, key factors and breakthroughs). Future prospects (challenges, benefits, risks). The speakers will share their experiences and discuss about the stereotypes that are still in place, as well as the expectations of today’s women at high levels of management.

16:00-16:15 BREAK

Part III

WOMEN – transformation and strength

Women’s health and changes in the female body: factors affecting equal opportunities
in professional activity (expert perspective and discussion with the audience)

“I am most important to myself” – a meeting with Joanna Lipnicka – coach, businesswoman, psychologist, psychotherapist and mother and wife – about coaching and how to put yourself first.

On depression, self-attention and the importance of psychotherapy – a meeting with Maria Rotkiel – a psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in working with women.

Prevention matters – a speech by Professor Dr. Krzysztof Nowosielski – an expert in gynecological oncology.

Am I aware of my beliefs? – A workshop on one’s own potential
and limitations with trainer, psychotherapist and fascination of women’s potential – Renata Rostkowska

Part IV

19:00 Artistic performance