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Anniversary edition

September 4-6, 2024

International Fairs EXPO KATOWICE

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The International Fair EXPO KATOWICE (formerly known as the KATOWICE International Fair for Mining, Power Generation and Metallurgy) is Europe’s leading presentation of offerings dedicated to heavy industry. The expo, which has been organized for 40 years, is also a platform for numerous business meetings, congresses, conferences and symposiums. Exhibitors, participating in the Fair, have a unique opportunity to present their offerings and showcase machinery, equipment and technological solutions, supporting energy transformation, operating in the environment of mining, energy, metallurgy and other heavy industries. Novelties and innovations in the industry are submitted by Exhibitors and Students to competitions. They are evaluated by experts from scientific and research institutions, technical universities and business representatives.

The 20th edition of EXPO KATOWICE International Fair, which will be held September 4-6, 2024, will mark the 40th anniversary of the Fair’s organization. We invite you to join us today.



Become an Exhibitor at the International Fair EXPO KATOWICE and showcase your products and services.


Visit the International Fair EXPO KATOWICE and explore the offer presented by Exhibitors from all over the world.

International Fair EXPO KATOWICE


As part of the International Fair EXPO KATOWICE two competitions are organized in cooperation with the Monthly Napędy i Sterowanie magazine: for Exhibitors “INNOVATIVE PRODUCT & TECHNOLOGY EXPO KATOWICE” and for Students “INNOVATION IN INDUSTRY EXPO KATOWICE”. Learn about the details and rules of participation in the contests.

International Fairs EXPO KATOWICE


The International Fair EXPO KATOWICE is a meeting place for business and science. The event is accompanied by B2B meetings and conferences with leading representatives from many heavy industries. See what events will be held as part of the next edition of the Fair or book and organize your own event at IF EXPO KATOWICE.



Conference "Industry 5.0 - Transformational challenges of the industrial sector".

Projekt bez tytułu-9

Congress Become PRO - Bet on "Professionalism/Development/Savings"


Conference "Can we be PRO - Professional, Growing and Savvy"

International Fairs EXPO KATOWICE

Additional services

Do you need accommodation or transportation during the International Fair EXPO KATOWICE? Or are you looking for a shipping company? Check out our range of additional services.




International Fairs EXPO KATOWICE

For media

Journalists and photojournalists are invited to attend and cover the International Fair EXPO KATOWICE. Here you will find all official press materials that you can use in your articles, reports and videos, as long as you mark their source.



International Fair EXPO KATOWICE

Ambassadors' Council

Individuals who have been promoting our Fair for many years, supporting it with their authority and shaping the market together with us, will be awarded the title of Ambassador of the International Fair EXPO KATOWICE.




International Fair

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International Fairs EXPO KATOWICE


International Fair EXPO KATOWICE (formerly: International Trade Fair for Mining, Power Generation and Metallurgy) is one of the largest industry events in Europe. The fair has been held continuously for more than 40 years and continues to play an important role in the promotion and development of Poland’s heavy industry and renewable energy sources.