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Conference “Industry 5.0 – Transformational challenges of the industrial sector”.


Conference “Industry 5.0 – Transformational challenges of the industrial sector”.

We are honoured to invite you to participate in a unique conference entitled “Industry 5.0 – Transformational Challenges of the Industrial Sector”. This meeting, will take place at an event parallel to the International Fair: EXPO KATOWICE and EcoDom – as part of the “Industry Meetings”.  It will focus on key changes, challenges and visions for the future of industry both on a Polish and international scale.

From 4 to 6 September 2024, industry leaders, new technology experts, innovators and representatives of the public and private sectors will gather to discuss the evolution of industry in light of the fifth industrial revolution. The main topics of debate will be the impact of technology on the future of the sector, the adaptation of companies to new market realities and the direction of the industry in the coming decade.

This event is a key point for all those interested in the direction in which the global industrial sector is heading, as well as for those who want to actively participate in shaping the future of industry in Poland.

We invite you to attend this unique meeting to analyse, plan and create the future of industry together.

The detailed conference programme can be found below:

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