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Congress Become PRO – Bet on “Professionalism/Development/Savings”

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Congress Become PRO – Bet on “Professionalism/Development/Savings”

Motion together with the National Center for Research and Development, with EXPO Katowice S.A. as the substantive partner.

The congress was held under the motto – Become PRO – bet on “Professionalism / Development / Savings”. During the congress there were 3 panel discussions:

  • “Saving the key to development”.
  • “Development – new technologies + new products = new customers”.
  • “Promotion – it pays off”.

The panels were attended by representatives of, among others: National Center for Research and Development, Górnośląski Fund S.A., EXPO Katowice S.A., Katowice City of Gardens and 2M ProMotion.

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