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EXPO Katowice S.A.

Foreign missions

In the 21st century, markets for services and goods are becoming increasingly global. If you are thinking of conquering new European or global markets? Your expansion plans can be facilitated by the economic missions organized by EXPO Katowice S.A..

International development

Through economic missions you can learn aboutand open up to new markets, as well as engage contacts with new partnerami and customers. Retrieved benefits are real, however organization of missions trades requires time and effort.. As EXPO Katowice S.A.’s solution offers, comprehensive organization of departure for economic missions, including trips to trade fairs and industry meetings.

What it consists of foreign mission?

Comprehensive service

The professional services we offer consist of identifying specific markets that are most promising for the industry. Before submitting a bid, we conduct a thorough analysis of the market entry potential for a specific service/product. In addition to the ongoing analysis, we also look for potential partners who meet the guidelines and expectations given to us.

Full support

As part of the comprehensiveness of our services, we also provide:

  • logistic support,
  • accomodationandtransportation from Poland to abroad andback,
  • develop a strategy for meeting with potential partners,
  • the organization of bilateralmeetings,
  • full organization of the economic mission in terms of marketing,
  • reservation and purchase of tickets and admission to commercialevents.

Measurable benefits

The economic missions we organize allow you to establish and expand business contacts, gain and deepen your knowledge of the selected market, learn about the business culture of the selected country and adapt the solutions used by foreign companies to your own operations.

Would you like to participate
in a business mission?

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