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Category: Smart City

Katowice smart city

Intelligent traffic control system in Katowice: A revolution in urban mobility

The development of ITS is a response to the growing traffic challenges facing modern cities.

Katowice: How the steel capital is transforming into the smart city of the future

Katowice, known mainly for its industrial history, is today dynamically transforming into one of Poland's most innovative smart cities.

SCT: The future of clean transportation in Polish cities

Warsaw has officially adopted the Clean Transportation Zone project.
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Three generations of Smart City: a journey from technology to community

The evolution of smart cities is transforming technological experiments into spaces that respond to community needs.

The metropolises of tomorrow: smart city technology brings cities to life

The cities of the future are gaining a new dimension through a combination of innovation, technology and design.
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The role of residents in creating the future

Residents, through active participation, play a key role in shaping smart cities where technology responds to community needs.
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The future is coming: Drones that will change the world

Drones are gaining popularity, not only in civilian applications, but also in industrial applications.
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The role of residents in creating the future

Civic participation is becoming a key element in creating the future of cities.