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Category: Mining

the Waibaidu bridge in Shanghai,China.

Changing pressure of challenges: outlook for 2024 (IV)

Poland can transform European mining by mining Silesia for critical raw materials to reduce dependence on China and increase Europe's independence.

Vietnam: potential and opportunities for Polish business

In an era of dynamic market changes, foreign direct investment allows companies to accelerate business growth.
new technology mining

Revolution in mining: How are new technologies changing the industry?

Mining is evolving with new technologies, becoming safer, more efficient and greener.
electric mining

The future of mining: transformation towards electric mines

Electric mines represent a new era in mining. They have less impact on the environment while being more efficient.
robotyzacja w górnictwie

Robotization in mining

Robotization in mining is the key to safety, productivity and sustainability.
konferencja naukowa politechnika śląska górnictwo

Report on the Scientific Conference "Sustainable Mining 2023"

We had the pleasure of participating in the Scientific Conference at the Silesian University of Technology.
sustainability mining zrównoważony rozwój w przemyśle wydobywczym

The role of sustainability in the mining industry

Sustainability is becoming not just an environmental imperative, but a business necessity.
Zrzut ekranu 2023-11-15 o 16.16.30

Development prospects for deep mines: advantages and limitations

With increasing demand for raw materials and the depletion of readily available deposits, the mining industry is turning to deep mines.
Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-11 o 20.40.37

Robots in the mine: How is automation transforming mining and its labour market?

Mining, one of humanity's oldest professions, is facing one of the biggest transformations in its history.

Mining and local cultural heritage

Mining has been a key element in the development of many regions around the world for centuries.