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robotyzacja w górnictwie

Robotization in mining

robotyzacja w górnictwie

Robotization in mining

Robotization in mining brings significant benefits in terms of safety, productivity and sustainability. GlobalData representative David Kurtz* points out that the most exciting technological development is in the area of equipment automation, including the use of autonomous trucks, which can increase the efficiency of mine operations.

Putting safety first

The use of robots in mines significantly increases safety levels. By eliminating the need for human presence in dangerous areas, they reduce the risk of accidents. Inspection drones and continuous cutting vehicles help maintain the structural integrity of a mine, which is unattainable with traditional blasting methods.

Increased productivity through technology

Robotics is also boosting productivity. Autonomous trucks can work longer than humans, resulting in a 15-30% increase in productivity and 40% higher machine utilization. This also translates into reduced fuel consumption, which is key to sustainability.

Breaking down cost and competence barriers

However, the introduction of robotics in mining faces barriers, such as high initial costs and the need for skilled personnel. Nonetheless, over time, the cost of the technology is decreasing, encouraging greater adoption. However, finding workers with the right skills to operate modern technology remains a problem.

Innovation leaders in the mining industry

Companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP, Fortescue Metals Group, Glencore, Agnico Eagle Mines, Barrick Gold, Anglo American and Boliden are leaders in the implementation of robotics. They are using autonomous vehicles and leading innovative projects such as autonomous vehicle “swarms” and drones for exploration of deposits.

Prospects and opportunities for development

In addition, robotization is opening up new opportunities to extract raw materials from places that were previously inaccessible or unprofitable to mine. This evolution in mining not only increases productivity and safety, but also contributes to environmental protection by minimizing the negative impact of mining activities.

Robotization in mining is a step toward the future, where technology and innovation are shaping a new era of safe, efficient and sustainable extraction of natural resources.

*source: https://www.mining-technology.com/comment/robotics-in-mining-globaldata-thematic-analyst/?cf-view

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