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konferencja naukowa politechnika śląska górnictwo

Report on the Scientific Conference “Sustainable Mining 2023”

konferencja naukowa politechnika śląska górnictwo

Report on the Scientific Conference “Sustainable Mining 2023”

November is a time when the mining industry is particularly busy discussing its future and challenges. We had the pleasure of participating in one of these key events – the Scientific Conference Mining Sustainability 2023, held at the Silesian University of Technology. The main theme of the conference, “Climate and energy – the consequences of European climate policy for the Polish economy. Global Challenges and Regional Actions,” fits perfectly into the sector’s current dilemmas.

Cooperation and knowledge exchange

The aim of the conference was to develop and strengthen cooperation between various entities related to the mining industry. As participants, we had the opportunity to make new contacts, exchange experiences and discuss the future of mining in the context of environmental and energy challenges.

The topics of the conference covered a wide range of issues from underground mining to open-pit mining. Of particular interest were the presentations on new technologies and innovative solutions that can contribute to more efficient and sustainable mining processes.

Our conclusions

As EXPO Katowice, we are proud to have been part of this conference. Thanks are due to the Organizing Committee for organizing this event. It is thanks to such initiatives that we can work together on a mining future that is environmentally safe and economically efficient.

The conference allowed us to look at the challenges and opportunities facing the mining industry in a new light. We will certainly take advantage of the inspiration and knowledge we gained at this meeting when planning our future activities.

We look forward to more opportunities for meetings and discussions that help shape a sustainable approach to mining and the mining industry. See you at future conferences and industry events!

konferencja naukowa politechnika śląska górnictwo

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