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How are start-ups transforming traditional industries?

In the age of innovation, start-ups have begun to play a key role in transforming traditional industries.
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The future is coming: Drones that will change the world

Drones are gaining popularity, not only in civilian applications, but also in industrial applications.

Mining and local cultural heritage

Discover the fascinating history of mining and its impact on shaping the culture and heritage of communities around the world.
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Fusion energy: In search of a new energy future

Fusion energy is becoming an increasingly promising candidate for the future of energy.
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Geopolitics of mineral resources: Competition and international cooperation

Mineral resources have been a cornerstone of the global economy for centuries, providing the raw materials needed to produce many goods and technologies.
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Ocean mining: Potential, risks and technological challenges

With the depletion of resources on land, ocean mining is emerging as a promising source of mineral wealth.
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Smart buildings and energy efficiency: industry perspectives

Smart buildings are an innovative tool in the fight to improve energy efficiency.
Central business district, roads and skyscrapers, Xiamen, China.

Green cities: designing urban space with nature in mind

There is growing interest in creating green cities that emphasize the harmonious integration of nature into urban space.
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Adapting cities to the effects of climate change: new urban strategies

Cities are developing new urban strategies to adapt to climate change and minimize its negative effects.

Innovations in the urban transport sector: electromobility and autonomous vehicles

Electromobility and autonomous vehicles are inventions that are revolutionizing the urban transportation sector.