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Atomic balance: Between energy security and technical risk

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-24 o 18.23.00

Atomic balance: Between energy security and technical risk

Nuclear power, which has stirred up heated emotions for years, has become one of the pillars of the global energy system. Offering huge amounts of carbon-free energy, it is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. But is it really a safe option for our planet?

Energy security and nuclear power

Energy security is the ability of a state to ensure that its citizens have access to the energy they need in a stable and predictable manner. In this context, nuclear energy presents itself as a worthy candidate. Nuclear reactors can operate for many years using only small amounts of fuel, guaranteeing stability of energy supply.

Nuclear power is also less susceptible to commodity price fluctuations or geopolitical crises that often affect the oil or natural gas markets. For many countries that do not have their own fossil fuel resources, nuclear power can be a route to greater energy independence.

Nuclear power risks

Despite its many advantages, nuclear power is not without risks. Accidents such as Chernobyl and Fukushima are a reminder of the potential risks associated with reactor accidents. Although nuclear reactor technology is constantly evolving and modern units are much safer than their older counterparts, the risk of accidents still exists.

In addition, the storage and disposal of spent nuclear fuel is also an issue. Although advances in nuclear waste recycling and storage are promising, it is still a technical and societal challenge.

Benefits of nuclear power

In addition to stability of supply, the main benefit of nuclear power is its low carbon footprint. Nuclear reactors do not emit carbon dioxide during energy production, making them an attractive solution in the fight against global warming.

Nuclear power can also play a key role in meeting the growing global demand for energy, especially in developing countries seeking to improve the quality of life of their citizens.


Nuclear power, an important tool in the pursuit of energy security, carries both promise and risk. A balanced debate, based on facts and openness to innovation, will allow us to make informed decisions about our energy future.

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