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Conveyors transporter belts in mining – Cobra Europe, FTT Wolbrom and Sempertrans Belchatów na MT EXPO KATOWICE


Conveyors transporter belts in mining – Cobra Europe, FTT Wolbrom and Sempertrans Belchatów na MT EXPO KATOWICE

Belt conveyors are an integral part of mining processes in the mining industry. They make it possible to move heaps of earth, rock and coal from one point to another. It is worth noting that belt conveyors are one of the most economical methods of transport in mining. Their design and the use of suitable materials make it possible to maintain high efficiency and minimize costs.

Exhibitors at the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair have been presenting their products related to belt conveyors for years. Among them are companies such as Cobra Europe, Wolbrom Conveyor Belt Factory and Sempertrans Belchatow. Each has its own unique features and offers solutions tailored to different needs in the mining industry.

Cobra Europe is a leader in the production of high-quality conveyor belts used by customers around the world. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of belt conveyors for mining applications, including the transportation of coal, metal ores and other raw materials. The quality of the company’s products is confirmed by numerous certificates and awards.

Wolbrom Transporter Belt Factory specializes in the production of belt conveyors for the mining industry. The company has been offering its products on the market for more than 60 years, and its experience allows it to produce belt conveyors of the highest quality and provide maintenance services that ensure the reliability and longevity of these products.

Sempertrans Belchatow is a company owned by Semperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding, based in Vienna, which offers a wide range of belt conveyors, including those for the mining industry. It is known for its innovation. Provides solutions that meet customer expectations. The company offers belt conveyors with various technical parameters individualized for customers’ needs.

The aforementioned companies present their offerings at trade fairs, including the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair. During the next edition on September 4-6, 2024, you are welcome to visit their stands.

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