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Centrum Hydrauliki DOH

DOH Hydraulics Centre new exhibitor at MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024

Centrum Hydrauliki DOH

DOH Hydraulics Centre new exhibitor at MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Centrum Hydrauliki DOH as a new exhibitor at EXPO KATOWICE 2024. Headquartered in Bytom, the company has been active in the mining industry for more than two decades and has gained market recognition for the high quality and reliability of its solutions in the field of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic control systems for mechanised roof supports.

About DOH Hydraulics Centre

Thanks to its specialised and experienced engineering staff, DOH Hydraulics Centre is constantly developing and introducing modern solutions to the market that meet global standards. The company’s products are used in the hydraulic control systems of the powered roof support sections of all Polish powered roof support manufacturers, and the DOH brand is also recognised in other countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

Cooperation and development

The DOH Hydraulic Centre actively cooperates with research and development units, scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology, the Silesian University of Technology and specialists directly involved in the operation of mining plants. This extensive cooperation enables the company to implement specific projects according to the individual needs of the customer, as well as to provide technical consulting, commissioning and operation supervision, and 24-hour warranty and post-warranty service.

Invitation to the fair

We would like to invite all participants of the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair to visit the stand of DOH Hydraulics Centre and discover the innovative solutions offered by the company in the field of control systems for the mining industry. Cooperation with DOH Hydraulic Centre is a guarantee of finding the best solution for the needs and challenges of the mining industry.

See you at EXPO KATOWICE 2024!

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