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EXPROTEC Sp. z o.o. – new exhibitor MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024


EXPROTEC Sp. z o.o. – new exhibitor MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024

We are very pleased to announce that EXPROTEC Sp. o.o. has joined the group of exhibitors at EXPO KATOWICE International Fair in 2024. It is an honor to have such a prominent innovator and leader in the field of industrial safety in our midst.

The origins of EXPROTEC date back to 1996, when, as a joint venture “CARBO-BARTEC”, the company began its operations in Poland. Specializing in the manufacture and sale of intrinsically safe equipment, electrical and power electronic systems, EXPROTEC has revolutionized workplace safety in hazardous areas. Their products, which include high-tech solutions for underground mining, have become synonymous with reliability and innovation.

A turning point for the company came in 2004 when it became BARTEC Polska Sp. z o.o. This gave EXPROTEC a stronger foothold in the market, expanding its offering with new products for the chemical, oil, gas and pharmaceutical industries. Among their products are flameproof transformer units, compact stations, frequency converters and many others that have revolutionized safety in hazardous industrial environments.

In 2008, the company took another important step, implementing a quality management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001 and the ATEX Directive, confirming their commitment to providing the highest quality products. Subsequent years brought the implementation of health, safety and environmental management systems, demonstrating their comprehensive approach to safety and environmental protection.

A change of ownership in 2021 and becoming EXPROTEC Sp. z o. o. in 2022 opened a new chapter in the company’s history. Continuing the tradition of innovation, EXPROTEC, as the exclusive distributor of BARTEC Holding, a world leader in the industry, maintains its position at the forefront of safety technology.

The EXPO KATOWICE International Fair in 2024 is an excellent opportunity to learn more about EXPROTEC’s offerings and see how their solutions are shaping the future of safety technology in industry. We invite all interested parties to visit the EXPROTEC booth and learn more about their innovative solutions that protect people’s lives and the working environment every day.

Please visit the company’s website: https://exprotec.pl

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