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FASING S.A. at the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair in 2024


FASING S.A. at the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair in 2024

We would like to welcome FASING Capital Group S.A. as an exhibitor at the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair in 2024. This is a unique opportunity to present the profile of the company, which is a leader in the production of industrial chains and plays an important role on the global market.

As the largest in Central Europe and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chains for the mining, fishing, power, sugar, cement and wood industries, FASING Capital Group is a key player on the global market. Over the years, the company has gained the trust of more than 4,000 users, which is a clear proof of the high quality and reliability of its products.

Innovation and the pursuit of excellence are the two pillars on which FASING’s business is built. The company has developed a competitive advantage by offering complete solutions, including tendons and chain routes, as well as accessories and installation tools. A key aspect of the business is the customization of products to meet individual customer needs, reflecting the company’s motto: “There are no best chains that meet all requirements, but there are chains that are best suited to specific conditions.

The FASING Group stands out in the market not only for its products, but also for its innovative organizational and management solutions. The Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (ISO) testifies to the high level of organization throughout the Group and confirms its leadership in innovation.

The international success of the company’s products is due to their high quality, which has been confirmed by numerous certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which the company has held since 1997. These awards are a testament to the company’s constant pursuit of excellence.

Looking to the future, FASING Capital Group plans to continue its path of innovation and excellence, adapting to changing trends and market needs. EXPO KATOWICE in 2024 is an excellent opportunity to showcase the company’s wide range of products and its commitment to the development of modern technologies and industrial solutions.

Please visit the company’s website: https://fasing.pl

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