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Mining classes as part of Good Start with PGG

DSC_7465 fot. Urząd Miasta Ruda Śląska kopia

Mining classes as part of Good Start with PGG

After a two-year break, mining classes are returning to schools in Ruda Śląska, Rybnik and Radlin. Under the “Good Start with the Polish Mining Group” program, from the new school year students will be able to study to become underground mining technicians and underground mining technicians.

PGG S.A. is the largest hard coal producer in Europe and one of the of the largest employers in Poland, employing more than 40,000 people. In view of the growing demand for employees in the mining industry, the Company has decided to support the education of young people. During their education, it offers an interesting scholarship program, and after they gain a profession, they are guaranteed employment.

Today, working in the mining industry means being able to operate technically advanced machinery, while taking care of safety. At trade schools, students have the opportunity to acquire this specialized knowledge and these skills. A qualified staff of teachers prepares, among others, future mechatronics, automation and electronics technicians, while apprenticeships allow them to learn about the realities of the profession.

The “Good Start with PGG” initiative and the popularization of work in the mining industry is a support for the entire industry.

As part of the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair, a competition for talented young people is organized “Innovation in Industry EXPO KATOWICE”. We invite young people to participate in the competition and visit the Fair on September 4-6, 2024.

Photo: Urząd Miasta Ruda Śląska, Jacek Knapik (RudaSlaska.com.pl)

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