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Mining industry met in Calcutta


Mining industry met in Calcutta

On June 11-17, a delegation of the newly formed HINTECH group of mining companies (including DAMEL S.A.) visited India. The purpose of their trip was to present opportunities for cooperation between Poland and India.

A number of important events took place during the visit. A conference was held for invited companies of the Indian mining industry, a business matchmaking session and a series of meetings with various entities such as Coal India Limited, MGMI, West Bengal PDCL, Hindustan Copper, MINSOL, Shrachi BTL EPC, Metallon Holdings Ltd. and Thyssenkrupp India. Meetings with Dr. Shashi Panja and Aroop Biswas, Minister of Industry and Minister of Energy of West Bengal, respectively, were highlights of the visit. During the talks with the Indian representatives, the current situation of the mining sector in both countries, modern mining technologies and the potential for cooperation between industries related to Silesia and West Bengal, respectively, were raised. Participants had the opportunity to learn the Indian and Polish perspectives on the most important aspects of the industry, legal changes and technological advances in this challenging sector.

The visit undoubtedly contributed to strengthening Poland’s image as a reliable and experienced partner providing solutions for the mining industry. At the same time, it introduced India as a promising and growing market. It was also an excellent platform for sharing knowledge, experience and best practices among mining industry professionals. Through interactive sessions and discussions, both sides had the opportunity to address the transfer of advanced technologies, innovative mining techniques and sustainable practices, contributing to the overall development of the industry.

With the growing emphasis on sustainability, a visit by the Polish mining industry to India reinforced the joint commitment to responsible mining practices. Based on the meetings, the two sides will work together to optimize resource utilization, minimize environmental impacts and promote the well-being of local communities affected by mining activities. Through constructive dialogue and partnership-building, the visit not only enabled the strengthening of economic cooperation, but also contributed to a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultures, values and aspirations.

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