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MT EXPO KATOWICE – A meeting place for world leaders in the mining industry

2022.09.08 Międzynarodowe Targi EXPO Katowice
fot. Bartłomiej Zborowski

MT EXPO KATOWICE – A meeting place for world leaders in the mining industry

The modern world is constantly changing, the pace of development of technology is unimaginable. Nevertheless, certain aspects of the world’s economies remain constant. One of these includes the key role that coal still plays in power generation and heavy industry.

This is evidenced by the activities of Polish mining and mining-related companies on the international stage. Polish companies export coal and mining machinery and equipment to many countries around the world, such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy. As part of international cooperation, Polish companies also engage in research and development projects aimed at improving the efficiency of coal utilization and reducing the negative impact of coal mining on the environment.

Key to maintaining the position of these companies in the international arena is their presence at one of the most important industry events in Europe and Poland, namely the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair (formerly: KATOWICE International Trade Fair for Mining, Power Generation and Metallurgy).

This event, which has been held for 40 years, provides an excellent opportunity to showcase innovative solutions, products and services from various areas of the economy. During the Fair, both Polish and foreign companies present their products and services, which attracts the attention of thousands of visitors, business representatives, as well as media and other institutions from around the world.

We are currently preparing for the 20th Jubilee edition of the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair, which will be held on September 4-6, 2024. The originator of the Fair was Dr. Henryk Stabla, who created it as an exhibition and discussion platform for the mining, energy and metallurgical industries. We are proud of the fact that the Fair has been held regularly for 40 years, and at the same time we realize its great importance for the economic development of the country. That is why we make every effort to make the EXPO KATOWICE Fair even better, more interesting and attractive for our exhibitors and visitors with each successive edition.says Iwona Gramatyka, President of the Management Board of EXPO Katowice S.A.

Many companies associated with the industry in the broadest sense, such as CARBOAUTOMATYKA S.A., KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology or FTT Wolbrom S.A. have been participating in the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair for years, presenting their innovative products and solutions.

Participation in the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair is extremely important for our company, as it allows us to present our latest solutions and products to a wide range of specialists and customers from all over the world. This allows us to establish valuable business contacts and win new orders. These fairs also allow us to exchange knowledge and experience, and help us identify trends and challenges facing both the mining industry and the wider industry.emphasizes Dr. Henryk Stabla, President of the Management Board of Carboautomatics S.A.

However, the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair is not only an opportunity to promote products
and services. The Fair is a platform for numerous B2B meetings, congresses, conferences and symposia.

The formula of our Fair has been expanded to include congresses, conferences and panel discussions. These are extremely important events that attract experts from various fields. The last edition of the Fair included the 5th Polish Mining Congress, the conference “Methane from coal mines – current status and challenges”, or the conference “”Ecological sources of heat and solid fuels, is a compromise possible?”. Thanks to such accompanying events, Exhibitors and Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and solutions in the field, which certainly has an impact on the development of the entire sector. explains Iwona Gramatyka, CEO of EXPO Katowice S.A.

As part of the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair, a competition for Exhibitors is held every year, with the aim of distinguishing companies focusing on innovation and continuous development. In recent editions, a competition for students under the name “Innovations in Industry EXPO KATOWICE” was also introduced, which provides an opportunity to present original ideas and projects of young, talented people. It is also an opportunity to establish contacts with potential employers, as illustrated by the cooperation between the AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow and Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A.

-The cooperation between AGH Krakow and Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa brings many benefits to both parties. We, as a university, provide knowledge and modern technological solutions to JSW’s mines, increasing their efficiency and work safety. On the other hand, AGH students have the opportunity to gain experience in one of the most modern coal mines in Europe. The cooperation also includes scientific research and practical solutions for use in mines, including projects related to environmental protection and methane utilization.says Marek Borowski, Ph.D., associate dean for cooperation at AGH Krakow.

Also key is the cooperation of mining companies with research institutes, such as the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology, which together develop and implement innovative solutions that affect the development of the entire mining industry.

JSW has been cooperating with the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology for years, taking advantage of the knowledge and solutions of our designers in the construction, modernization and expansion of processing plants. As part of this cooperation, we control the processing processes and the solutions implemented. We also jointly implement environmental and digital projects that contribute to the green transformation of Silesia. says the director of the Institute, Dariusz Prostański, PhD, Professor ITG KOMAG.

The fruits of this cooperation over the years have been presented at the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair. Thanks to this event, companies have the opportunity to present innovative solutions on the international arena, as well as to attract new customers and business partners, which has a positive impact on their development and on Poland’s position in global markets.

The success and prestige of the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair is mainly due to the Exhibitors – the managers of the companies and the employees of these companies, who have always been present during the 40 years of the event’s existence. Therefore, the entire mining industry, and more broadly the mining and energy industries, are cordially invited to participate in the 20th anniversary edition of the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair, which will be held September 4-6, 2024.

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