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OMAG Machinery and Equipment Factory – new exhibitor at MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024


OMAG Machinery and Equipment Factory – new exhibitor at MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024

We are delighted to welcome OMAG Machinery and Equipment Factory Ltd. among the exhibitors at the EXPO Katowice 2024 International Trade Fair. We are excited to partner with such a renowned manufacturer and innovator.

OMAG Machinery and Equipment Factory is a leading manufacturer in the industry, specializing in creating machinery and equipment for the mining industry and components for the automotive sector. Their commitment to machining, thermo-chemical processing, welding and wet painting underscores their versatility and focus on quality.

OMAG is synonymous with excellence, as evidenced by numerous awards, accolades and certifications. Systematic quality control and continuous supervision of production processes, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and environmental management, account for their reliability and commitment to environmentally friendly production.

Thanks to the experience, competence of the team and modern equipment, OMAG Machinery and Equipment Factory is constantly expanding its capabilities. Investments in technological development and cooperation with scientific and research centers contribute to the increase of the quality of the offered products, as well as expansion into international markets.

OMAG is committed to building lasting relationships with its customers, offering first-class products while maintaining safety and environmental compatibility. We are proud to support their vision and innovation at EXPO Katowice 2024.

Please visit the company’s website: https://omag.com.pl/en/

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