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PPU “ELJOT” Sp.J. – new exhibitor MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024

EXPO Katowice-19

PPU “ELJOT” Sp.J. – new exhibitor MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024

We are pleased to announce that the renowned company PPU “ELJOT” Sp.J. has joined the group of exhibitors at MT EXPO KATOWICE in 2024. This is great news for all participants and visitors to our Fair.

P.P.U. Eljot Sp.J. J. Jurkiewicz, W. Lewandowski, founded in 1990, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal detection and separation systems in Poland. Its customers include the largest heavy industry companies, especially in the energy sector, as well as key players in the mining, timber, recycling, steel and food industries.

Thanks to the experience gained in almost every manufacturing industry, the company is able to select the most optimal solutions tailored to customers’ needs. Despite years of experience, P.P.U. Eljot remains open to customer suggestions to meet their expectations. The company’s highly qualified production and construction staff enables it to carry out any task, from design, production, installation, training, and service provision.

We cordially invite you to get acquainted with the company’s offer during the EXPO KATOWICE 2024 International Fair and to actively participate in this unique event!

We invite you to visit the company’s website: https://eljot.com.pl/en

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