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Prefabrication and sustainable building


Prefabrication and sustainable building

According to experts, prefabricated elements (not only wooden ones, by the way) will make a triumphant return to many construction sites in the near future. Such a choice will be determined both by the price and the time required to build a house or apartment building using them. The fact that this technology does not require as many workers is also not insignificant, which is of considerable importance for the construction industry. But perhaps even more important today is less waste. Especially if we want to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the construction sector.

But is this the best choice? Or is it just a dead end and a solution that will disappear as quickly as it appeared?

What about green roofs and home wind turbines?

To make a good decision, it’s worth confronting your expectations with the possibilities offered by the latest technologies and proven partners. Today we invite you to the Fall Fair EcoDom 2024. On … in Katowice’s Spodek, suppliers of the best technologies in the field of environmental protection, construction and energy efficiency solutions will present themselves.


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