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St. Barbara’s Day – the annual Feast of Miners


St. Barbara’s Day – the annual Feast of Miners

Barbórka is the Miners’ Day, celebrated on December 4 in many European countries. It is a day when miners and their families celebrate their profession and all that goes with it. Miners get together with their colleagues and experience the day together. On this special day they have the opportunity to share their stories, as well as remember those who lost their lives during their work. Numerous ceremonies and parades are held on this day, combined with prayers for the safety of miners and their families. Solemn masses are celebrated for the intentions of the profession and the people who work in it. St. Barbara’s Day is also the perfect time to launch new initiatives on mining safety and to take stock of the demands and economic success of mining-related industries to date.

How was the Miners’ Day celebrated yesterday and today?

Barbórka is a miners’ holiday celebrated on December 4. Initially, it was a religious event to pay tribute to the patron saint of the mining professions – Saint Barbara. Today, Miners’ Day is increasingly popular and celebrated throughout Poland. Yesterday and today, when you arrive at a mine, you can usually hear applause and fireworks displays. Usually on this day, miners wear uniforms and hold ceremonial processions with orchestras. In addition, the rituals of Barbora include traditional social gatherings and feasts with local food and drinks. The tables also feature symbolism related to coal mining, such as black candy hearts and figurines with the image of the patron saint, Saint Barbara.

Wishes for miners

Barbórka is a time to make wishes for the coming year. In this regard, we wish all Miners and Mine Workers to stay safe and healthy, and Saint Barbara surrounds you with her protection! May everyone record as many departures as reunions! Godspeed!

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