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What role does coal play in the National Energy System?

Heap of coal as background, top view

What role does coal play in the National Energy System?

Recently, there has been increasing discussion in Poland about the future of using coal as a fuel for energy production. However, it is worth remembering that coal is still important for the stability of the National Energy System, and its preservation as an energy source should be taken care of.

Coal is currently one of the most important energy resources in Poland. It accounts for nearly 80% of the energy sources used in the country, making our country one of the largest producers of energy from coal in Europe. Coal is not only a source of energy, but also an important factor in stabilizing the National Energy System.

The National Power System, that is, the entirety of the equipment and installations used to generate, transmit and distribute electricity, needs to maintain a constant level of power. This means that the system must have a certain amount of energy available at all times to ensure reliability and stability of operation. To this end, it is necessary to have available stabilizing capacity, i.e. energy sources that can be activated at short notice and respond quickly to changes in energy demand.

In this context, coal as a fuel plays an important role, since coal-fired power plants are capable of supplying large amounts of energy to the system in a short period of time. In addition, these power plants can operate in continuous mode, which means they can produce energy around the clock. This allows them to act as baseload energy sources, that is, sources that provide the constant amount of energy necessary to maintain the stability of the National Power System.

Coal is also one of the cheapest energy sources, which is important for the country’s economy. Therefore, it is important to keep coal energy production at an appropriate level, while taking care to minimize the environmental impact.

This is also confirmed by Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa, who during a recent meeting with the Management Board and the trade union side at LW Bogdanka pointed out that maintaining the role of domestic coal as a fuel for disposable power stabilizing the National Power System is important for the energy security of our country.

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