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targi expo katowice

From a technological revolution to a sustainable future

targi expo katowice

From a technological revolution to a sustainable future

As the world enters a new decade, we face an accelerating technological revolution that has the potential not only to transform traditional industries, but also to define new ways of sustainable development. Katowice, a city with a rich industrial heritage, was once again at the forefront of this transformation at the KATOWICE International Fair for Mining, Energy and Metallurgy.

The 2019 and 2022 editions of the fair revealed new challenges and perspectives, transforming into a platform for showcasing the latest technological developments and heated debates on the future of energy and sustainable development. The fair emphasized the crucial importance of green thinking, showcasing green innovations and innovative business approaches that demonstrate the possibility of symbiosis between business and ecology.

KATOWICE 2019: New Challenges, New Opportunities

The year 2019 brought another turning point for the mining, energy and metallurgical industries, and the place where these changes took real shape once again became the heart of Katowice. This year, the fair took on even greater significance, becoming not only an arena for the presentation of the latest technological achievements, but also a place for heated discussions on the future of the energy industry and the challenges facing traditional industries.

From the moment the doors of the exhibition hall opened, you could feel the spirit of optimism and determination. The 2019 show read like a Hollywood movie script – full of extraordinary presentations, inspiring conversations and unexpected twists and turns. The global mining and energy industry pushed the boundaries of previous thinking and laid new foundations for the future.[1]

The most exciting moment of the show was the appearance of companies that not only showcased cutting-edge technologies, but also shared success stories – companies that have triumphed by using innovation to transform their industries. Exhibitors from different parts of the world shared their experiences, inspiring others to take on challenges and change their approach.

2019 was also a time when the issue of environmental protection took on particular importance. With the growing climate crisis, the mining, energy and steel industries understood that the future lies in sustainability and green solutions. Innovative green technologies, such as solar power and electric mobility, began to play an increasingly important role in discussions and presentations.

The accompanying events, such as lectures by experts, panel discussions and technological demonstrations, attracted the attention not only of industry specialists, but also of a wide range of people interested in the future of energy and industry. Thus, the 2019 edition of the fair in Katowice was not only a place for exchanging experiences and presenting the latest technological developments, but also a forum for dialogue on the shape of the future energy industry and the role that traditional industries can play in it.[2]

KATOWICE 2022: A better tomorrow

In 2022, the global industrial scene was heading in new and exciting directions, and the Katowice Fair, under its new name – KATOWICE INTERNATIONAL EXPO – was the place where these changes were taking shape. From the very first day of the event, there was an atmosphere of anticipation and uncertainty about what the next wave of innovation and technological progress would bring.

A remarkable world of the future unfolded before visitors. It was like entering a dream laboratory where the latest technological developments were becoming reality. The vision of Industry 4.0, based on automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet, blossomed in full glory, surprising even the most seasoned observers.

The year 2022 at the Katowice Fair was a time when traditional industries were undergoing another revolution. Mining, power generation and metallurgy not only adapted to new realities, but also became catalysts of change. Mines were increasingly automated and equipped with the latest technological solutions, changing not only the way mining was done, but also the safety of workers.

Innovations in the energy industry were also attracting attention, especially in the context of growing environmental awareness. The shift from traditional to renewable energy sources was becoming a reality, supported by technological advances and increasingly competitive prices.

Metallurgy was not far behind, exploring new ways to produce and process metals while reducing environmental impact. Recycling technologies and energy efficiency became an integral part of production processes, opening up new opportunities for both companies and the planet.

But technological innovation was not the only focus at Katowice 2022. Sustainability, corporate social responsibility and work ethics were also gaining in importance. Companies that not only achieve financial success, but also take care of the well-being of their employees and local communities are gaining more attention and respect.

As such, 2022 in Katowice was not only a time to showcase the latest technological developments, but also to reflect on the future of the industry and its role in building a better tomorrow. This is where the world’s industry leaders came together to take steps towards a more sustainable and equitable future.[3]


The 2019 and 2022 editions of the fair crystallized new challenges and opportunities, becoming a platform for showcasing the latest technological advances and a venue for fierce discussions on the future of energy, security and ecology. In this dynamic context, the show underscored how sustainable thinking has become paramount, pointing to green innovations and new business models that can coexist harmoniously with care for the planet. Visions of the industry’s future were combined with a determination to build a better tomorrow, making each edition a significant step towards a greener and fairer future.

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