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investments in poland

Investment boom in Poland – which provinces are leading the way?

investments in poland

Investment boom in Poland – which provinces are leading the way?

The total value of major planned and ongoing investments in Poland’s 16 provinces is estimated at around PLN 880 billion, up slightly from PLN 865 billion a year ago. This means that the valuation of the largest projects has increased only slightly over the past 12 months, mainly due to the ever-present inflation rather than the emergence of new significant projects. These are the findings of the latest Spectis report entitled “Construction Market in Poland 2024-2029 – Analysis of 16 Provinces”.

Investment leaders

In terms of the value of projects, the leading provinces are Pomerania, Mazovia and Greater Poland. In each of these regions, the value of the 60 largest investments exceeds PLN 100 billion. The next places are occupied by Lower Silesia, Silesia and Małopolska, where the value of the 60 largest investments exceeds PLN 70 billion.

Key projects

The most important of the planned engineering investments is the Silesian Canal, which will be built as part of the Oder Waterway Development Program. The canal will connect the Vistula River with the Oder River, passing through the areas of Kuźnia Raciborska, Rybnik, Zory, Tychy, Bierun in the Silesian Province and Oświęcim in western Małopolska.

On the other hand, the group of large public projects included Katowice Airport’s 2024-2028 investment program, which includes the construction of a new main passenger terminal that will significantly increase passenger capacity and improve traveler comfort.


The current situation in the Polish construction investment market shows that despite inflation and a slight increase in project valuations, Polish provinces are not stopping to invest in infrastructure development. The Spectis report provides valuable information on planned and ongoing investments that will have a key impact on regional development in the coming years.

What will be the next steps and what new projects will appear on the horizon? Time will tell, but one thing is certain – the Polish construction market remains dynamic and challenging.

Is your province the leader in terms of investment value? Which projects do you see as the most promising? Share your opinion in the comments section!

source: Największe inwestycje budowlane w Polsce warte są ok. 880 mld zł – Inżynier Budownictwa (inzynierbudownictwa.pl)

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