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Industry 4.0: Robotization, AI and Big Data deployments in manufacturing and services in Poland and around the world


Industry 4.0: Robotization, AI and Big Data deployments in manufacturing and services in Poland and around the world

Robotization, artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data analytics are areas that are playing an increasingly important role in industry and manufacturing. In the mining industry, where precision and safety are required, the use of new technologies is becoming not only beneficial, but also necessary.

Implementing robotization in the mining industry can bring many benefits. First of all, multiple tasks can be carried out simultaneously with high precision and speed, which can contribute to greater efficiency and profitability. Robotization results in the replacement of humans with machines for dangerous or routine work.The conference is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences, make new business contacts. We invite you to participate in the conference: “Industry 4.0 – Transformation Challenges of the Industrial Sector” and the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair on September 4-6, 2024.

The implementation of artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics positively affects production in the mining industry. With data analysis, it is possible to track production processes and detect hazards, making it possible to react quickly and prevent failures. With AI, it optimizes production processes by automating and streamlining tasks.

In Poland, there is great interest in implementing new technologies in the mining industry. An example of the use of a modern production management system based on Big Data and artificial intelligence is the Knurów coal mine. This allows to increase the efficiency of the mine and reduce production costs.

There are numerous examples in the world of new technology implementations in the mining industry, for example, in Norway. On the Gina Krog oil platform, mobile robots have been used to help keep the platform clean and detect failures. Another example is Rio Tinto in Australia, which uses autonomous cars to transport raw materials. This helps increase production efficiency and reduce costs.

Implementing robotization, artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics are key steps that the mining and industrial sectors should take to increase efficiency
and profitability of production and, above all, improve safety.

Exposition at MT EXPO KATOWICE and Industry 4.0

An opportunity to discuss new technologies will be provided by the conference, “Industry 4.0 – Transformational Challenges of the Industrial Sector,” which will be held at the MT EXPO KATOWICE on September 4-6, 2024.

Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is not only about new technologies, but also about changing the way we think about production and its management. During the event there will be an opportunity to discuss changes, challenges and the future of Polish and global
and global industry.

The conference will address robotization, artificial intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things. The impact of technology on production processes and the organization of work in the industrial sector will be analyzed. Discussions will also focus on new trends in marketing, sales and logistics resulting from the resulting from the implementation of innovative solutions.

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