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Production of electric motors at Dąbrowska Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych DAMEL S.A.


Production of electric motors at Dąbrowska Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych DAMEL S.A.

The production of electric motors usually begins with the preparation of individual components, such as cores, windings, magnets, etc. These components are then assembled along with other parts, such as the housing, bearings, rotor, or electronic and mechanical systems. The manufacturing process requires the use of specialized tools and machinery, such as milling machines, lathes, drilling machines and coil winding machines.

Dąbrowa Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych DAMEL S.A. has a modern coil winding machine for electric motors (photos below), which is used to automatically wind coils of wire onto the motor stator. The coil winding process is complex and time-consuming, so the coil winder allows automation of this process, which in turn reduces production time and improves quality. In addition, it is equipped with various functions, such as numerical control or programmable control systems, which enables even greater precision in the winding process.

Once the motor is assembled, testing takes place to make sure it works properly and meets technical requirements. The manufacturing process of electric motors is usually very complex and requires the involvement of specialists from different fields, such as engineers, technicians, production and quality personnel, to ensure that each motor is made with the highest quality and meets requirements.

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