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Mining has not said its last word

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Mining has not said its last word

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki gave a speech at the end of December 2022, in which he stated that mining will not say its last word for a long time to come. This demonstrates the importance of this industry, which has been an integral part of the national economy for centuries.

Today, mining still provides thousands of jobs and generates billions of dollars in revenue for governments. It is also responsible for supplying basic materials such as iron ore, coal, oil and gas, among many others.

The prime minister’s statement indicates that the government remains committed to supporting the industry and ensuring that it remains an important engine of economic growth and development. In addition, new technologies are being developed to make mining safer and more efficient. With advances in automation and robotization, it can be assumed that the industry will remain an important sector well into the future.

In addition, at the same time, in an interview with journalzachodni.pl, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said:

“I have always believed that rational mining should continue, and our coal mining industry will not say its last word for a long time to come. All the more so as new technologies are maturing to make it safer and more profitable. Maybe the larger-scale underground coal gasification, which is being conducted, will finally have an economic basis? Or maybe something else?”

The prime minister also assessed that:

“But no matter what new technical possibilities time will bring, we know that in many areas we must be much more independent, much more self-sufficient. This principle applies to everything, but to energy, including energy resources in particular.”

Accordingly, one can conclude that mining will remain an important part of our national history for years to come.

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