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Nearly PLN 29 billion in aid for mining until 2031


Nearly PLN 29 billion in aid for mining until 2031

The mining industry has long been an important part of Poland’s economy, providing essential materials for various industries and driving economic growth in many areas.

The latest plan for state support for mining, which was adopted in 2022, aims to provide additional assistance to this sector of the economy. Specifically, state aid of 29 billion zlotys will be provided over the next decade to support the development of this key industry. This means a big financial boost for miners and coal companies.

“The law signed by the President of the Republic of Poland is of key importance not only for the Polish Mining Group S.A., but also for the entire mining industry, as it allows the sector’s transformation program, agreed upon in the social contract, to continue as previously planned. The implementation of the solutions proposed in the amendment requires notification of the European Commission.” – informs the Polish Mining Group.

Forms of financial assistance for mining

The assistance will come in various forms, such as tax breaks and other financial incentives, and will help create jobs and stimulate economic growth in communities that depend on mining for their livelihoods. It also signals the government’s commitment to the social contract with miners, helping them remain competitive in an increasingly uncertain energy price environment. With this new investment, miners can be more confident that their businesses will remain profitable in the coming years, ensuring that Poland’s mining sector remains a key part of the economy.

In short, the funds are expected to bring significant positive changes, both for the mining industry, miners and those who depend on the results of their work.

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