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MT EXPO KATOWICE 2022 – summary


MT EXPO KATOWICE 2022 – summary

During the EXPO KATOWICE International Fair of Mining, Power Generation and Metallurgy, we had 200 Exhibitors, representing several hundred companies from 13 countries ! Several tens of thousands of visitors to the Fair, a lot of media interest from home and abroad – this proves that the Fair was a success and is needed.

We are constantly developing and growing, for the first time there were Exhibitors from the USA and India, so I definitely consider this year’s Fair a big success, but I also emphasize that this success is mainly due to our Exhibitors – company managers and employees of these companies, who in this difficult time and undoubted crisis not only in this industry survived and are with us this year deserve great respect. Certainly our success is also the fact that we sold the entire 10000 square meters of exhibition space,” emphasizes the president of EXPO Katowice SA, the company organizing the Fair, Ms. Iwona Gramatyka.

Our Fair has gained a broader formula and new professional exhibition segments – under the leading name of EXPO KATOWICE International Fair of Mining, Energy and Metallurgy Industry there are also: B2Energy Fair, EcoDom Fair and Machinery and Equipment Fair, and many accompanying events such as the 5th Polish Mining Congress, numerous interesting industry conferences and thematic panels, as well as interesting presentations have been prepared. All this ensured that the Fair attracted not only people from the industry, but also interesting locals, including a great number – which makes us especially happy – of young people,” adds Chairman Gramatyka.

As part of the Fair, there was a competition for Exhibitors, the aim of which is to promote innovative solutions and support and distinguish those companies that focus on continuous development, research, innovation, as well as a Competition for university students and student scientific circles – “Innovation in Industry EXPO KATOWICE”, which is the best opportunity to present excellent ideas, projects of young, talented people, often ahead of commonly used solutions. On the other hand, for students it is also an excellent opportunity to show themselves on the labor market, direct contact with potential employers.

Of course, all this would not have been possible if it were not for the support of the City of Katowice. – Many thanks to Mr. Mayor Marcin Krupa. All the more so because, while organizing this year’s edition of the Fair, several large events accumulated in Katowice at the same time, such as the Men’s World Volleyball Championship, the Silesian Rally and the upcoming “Katowice Birthday” over the weekend. – Reconciling all this was certainly quite a logistical challenge, but I’m very glad that we succeeded, because I can no longer imagine EXPO KATOWICE Fair in any other place,” emphasizes the president of EXPO Katowice.

It is worth noting that this year’s edition of our Fair fell at a special historical and geopolitical moment, when the entire mining, energy and metallurgical industry community faces a major challenge – ensuring our country’s energy independence, and the Fair is an ideal place to start a debate on the future, but also on the present of mining in Poland and Europe, as this very formula fosters discussion, clashing of views and working out compromises and interesting proposals for solutions to the anticipated crisis.

Let’s remember that the fair is not only a show of machines, equipment, the potential of our suppliers, but first and foremost a place for meetings, discussions, establishing business contacts and cooperation between companies on various levels – EXPO KATOWICE Fair is there to provide Exhibitors with comfortable conditions for achieving their goals.

I already invite everyone to the next edition of the EXPO KATOWICE International Trade Fair, which will take place from September 4 to 6, 2024, of course, also at the MCK in Katowice,” invites Iwona Gramtyka President of the Board of EXPO Katowice S.A..

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