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NLT Digital Solutions at EXPO KATOWICE International Trade Fair 2024

NLT Digital Solutions na Międzynarodowych Targach EXPO KATOWICE w 2024a

NLT Digital Solutions at EXPO KATOWICE International Trade Fair 2024

We are enthusiastic to announce the addition of NLT Digital Solutions as an exhibitor at EXPO KATOWICE International in 2024. This company, known for its innovative approach to mining technology, is changing the way mines communicate and operate. This year, at EXPO KATOWICE, NLT will showcase its groundbreaking solutions on the international stage.

Pioneering beginnings

NLT was founded in 1984 as part of Levitt-Safety, a leading supplier of security equipment in Canada. The company’s mission from the beginning was to focus on the mining industry. Over the years, the company has steadily introduced innovative technologies, significantly improving safety and efficiency in mines.

World-class innovation

NLT has gained international recognition for its award-winning mining lamp technology, especially the Northern Light Polaris model, an all-in-one lamp that has become an indispensable fixture in mines around the world. But the company is not limited to lighting – it is also developing advanced networked solutions for underground mines, with its latest award-winning product N-Connex at the forefront.

A breakthrough in underground communications

NLT makes history as the first company to introduce Wi-Fi networks to underground coal mines. This breakthrough has become a standard in mining communications, and today many of the world’s largest and most reputable mining companies rely on NLT Mining Networks’ communications solutions.

Vision of the future at EXPO KATOWICE 2024

At EXPO KATOWICE 2024, NLT Digital Solutions will showcase its innovations and expertise. Visitors will have the opportunity to see how this company is changing the face of the mining industry. From advanced mining lamps to complex communication systems, their booth promises to be one of the highlights of the event, providing a glimpse into the future of mining technology.


The addition of NLT Digital Solutions as an exhibitor at EXPO KATOWICE 2024 is an important step for the entire mining industry. The company’s presence underscores the importance of the fair as a place to showcase the latest and most innovative technologies. NLT Digital Solutions is ready to lead the discussion on the future of mining technology by presenting its solutions at this prestigious international forum.

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