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Welcome Wuvio International to EXPO KATOWICE in 2024!

Witamy Dura-Metal na Międzynarodowych Targów EXPO KATOWICE w 2024a

Welcome Wuvio International to EXPO KATOWICE in 2024!

They are pleased to welcome a new exhibitor, Wuvio International, a leader in industrial dust control. Founded in 2007 in the Netherlands, Wuvio has transformed the way the industry deals with dust and odor problems using an innovative and sustainable approach.

Solutions based on science

Central to Wuvio’s operations is their own fully equipped laboratory in Maasdijk, where the company’s chief chemist leads a team of laboratory technicians. They focus on developing solutions for dust and odor reduction. In the lab, various scenarios encountered in the field are simulated, allowing for the elimination of interference and almost complete control of the situation. This approach enables Wuvio to develop optimal solutions for specific dust problems, tailored to individual customer needs.

Safety and expertise

Wuvio places special emphasis on personal and environmental safety. Their employees are VCA certified ** and qualified according to international standards such as EN ISO 20471, EN ISO 11612 and others. This allows Wuvio’s team of experts to operate at the highest level of security, offering their services worldwide, day and night.

At EXPO KATOWICE 2024, Wuvio International will showcase its innovative approach to dust control and odor elimination. Their presence at the fair is an important contribution to the drive for a cleaner and safer industrial environment. This is a great opportunity to see how Wuvio is transforming dust challenges into sustainable and effective solutions.

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