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The role of a fair in promoting a company – product presentation and meeting place


The role of a fair in promoting a company – product presentation and meeting place

The first exhibition event, in a form similar to modern fairs (known as a design fair), was held in Leipzig in 1894. The first trade fair with a narrowed focus was held in Parma in 1939. At the end of the 20th century, exhibition events took the form of so-called “fairs of scientific and technical thought”, consisting of the presentation of offers on stands and the organization of accompanying events: industry competitions, shows, congresses, meetings of economic organizations, symposia of a scientific nature, etc.

Today, trade fairs continue to play a significant role in promoting companies, products and services. They serve not only to increase brand awareness and improve image. Exhibitors can also use trade fairs to introduce new products to the market, build relationships with customers or promote their services.

Trade shows are also an ideal place to get feedback from potential customers. A company can get important information about products and services that may prove useful in improving their offerings. They can also help determine pricing and marketing strategies that will be used effectively in attracting new customers.

Trade fairs as a tool for marketing activity

Modern trade fairs are one of the most transparent forms of marketing communication. Participation in events accompanied by a high attendance of exhibitors contributes to learning about the competitive environment. Trade fairs serve to observe each other’s exhibitors.

Trade fairs have the ability to concentrate numerous representatives of the supply and demand sides, and this makes them provide up-to-date and comprehensive information about individual industries. The cyclical nature of their organization makes it possible to observe emerging trends.

In addition, exhibition events show great sensitivity to what is happening in the respective markets. For this reason, trade fairs are credited with the title of “barometer of the economy.”

Trade fairs as a city-building tool

The key objective of trade fairs is not sales, but promotion. Each exhibition event becomes a place to present product innovations and learn about modern technologies. Fairs also create opportunities to test the presented solutions in practice, and the organizers of the event always make sure that the offer of the Fair meets the needs of residents and entrepreneurs.

Currently, the Fair combines an exhibition element, content and training (in the form of conferences), innovation and testing (for products and services).

It is the combination of these issues that builds the competitive advantage of trade fairs compared to the Internet promotion popular in recent years.

To achieve a successful trade fair there must be

  • good cooperation of many institutions and business,
  • involvement of people and good organization,
  • creativity,
  • quick response to changing conditions.

International Fair EXPO KATOWICE

International Fair EXPO KATOWICE (formerly known as SIMEX and MT Mining, Power Generation and Metallurgical Industry “KATOWICE”) has been supporting entrepreneurs from all over the world in promoting and popularizing their activities and products and services to a wide audience for 40 years.

International Fair EXPO KATOWICE is also a platform for numerous business meetings, congresses, conferences and symposia. Exhibitors, participating in the at the Fair, have a unique opportunity to present their offer and showcase machinery, equipment and technological solutions that support the energy transition, operating in the environment of mining, power generation, metallurgy and other heavy industries.

New products and innovations in the industry can be entered in competitions accompanying the Fair:

  • For Exhibitors for the “INNOVATIVE PRODUCT & TECHNOLOGY EXPO KATOWICE”, which aims to promote and popularize industrial innovation and the development of the Polish and global industrial economy, in line with global environmental trends.
  • For Students “INNOVATIONS IN INDUSTRY EXPO KATOWICE”, whose purpose is to promote and popularize talented Students of universities and colleges in the field of industry, including robotics and automation, mining, geology, mechanics, electrical and electronics, IT, machine and equipment construction, as well as to promote and contribute to the development of the Polish and global industrial economy, in line with global ecological trends.

The competitions are judged by experts from scientific and research institutions, technical universities and business representatives.

The 20th edition of the International Fair EXPO KATOWICE, which will be held September 4-6, 2024, will be the jubilee edition. We invite you to participate!

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