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Surface mining in Poland – a key element of the Polish economy


Surface mining in Poland – a key element of the Polish economy

Surface mining is a branch of mining that extracts mineral resources using the earth and appropriate equipment. It is one of Poland’s most important economic sectors and a major industry.

Surface mining is important for the economic growth and development of our country, as it is a valuable source of many mineral resources that are necessary for the production of various products. It supplies coal, iron ore, salt, copper, stone, sand, amber, limestone, glass and other minerals, among others. Open-pit mining is also important for the development of infrastructure and construction.

Surface mining in Poland also has an important impact on the local economy. It is responsible for providing jobs for local communities and the continued economic growth of towns and villages centered around the mines.

The operation of each Surface mine is regulated by legislation that aims to limit the environmental damage that is often caused by open-pit mining, such as noise, vibration, air and water pollution and others.

Surface mining in Poland therefore has a significant impact on the national economy and development. It is an important sector of the economy that supplies mineral resources, creates jobs and supports infrastructure and construction development.

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