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RES and fossil fuels in Poland’s energy policy in 2023: Will they cooperate or compete?


RES and fossil fuels in Poland’s energy policy in 2023: Will they cooperate or compete?

Renewable energy sources are an important element of Poland’s energy policy. Our country has committed to achieving a 15% share of renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2020 and 23% by 2030. In order to achieve these goals, Poland has issued a plan that provides for, among other things, the introduction of a support system for renewable energy, support for the development of renewable technologies, the construction of new offshore wind farms and the modernization of existing wind farms. Poland also intends to establish a national renewable energy support fund, which will support renewable projects and provide sources of funds.

In addition, Poland’s energy policy in 2023 assumes a continued share of fossil fuels
in energy production. However, Poland will continuously modernize its coal-fired power plants to lower emissions and reduce environmental impact. The modernization process includes, among other things, the use of low-emission coal technology, the use of filters
and catalysts, the use of innovative ventilation technologies, the use of a forced combustion system, the rational use of energy and the introduction of biomass technology for electricity generation.

Poland’s energy policy in 2023 aims to ensure the country’s energy security, lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This requires a balanced mix of renewable energy sources and fossil fuels. In 2023, Poland will continue to implement and develop an energy strategy that includes extensive use of renewable energy sources and fossil fuels to ensure sustainable development and lower energy costs.

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